Three Romances

In classical music, a romance is a lyrical song or instrumental piece that is often short, free in form, and tender.




  1. At the counter in the neighborhood cafe, she reached for the thermos of whole milk and touched the cold brushed steel just as the thin man standing next to her wrapped his hand around the handle.





2. The riptide sucked the world away from under her bare, and somewhat fallen, arches. Her toes gripped the sand. Her balance shifted forward.







3. The check-out clerk plucked the tomatoes off the conveyor belt before they reached the hard counter. He placed them in the bag with care, along with an overripe avocado and an unwrapped bouquet of cilantro, on top of a carton of milk and a box of cereal with unforgiving corners. At home, she thought of the clerk’s gentle hands as she pureed the vegetables in a bowl.


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