When interpreting divination cards, we learn to bring our own experiences to the images to help us gain meaning. When a deck of cards uses images that speak to myths thousands of years old, it stands to reason that our own experiences clash dramatically with the classically accepted interpretations. Without a knowledge of Greek myth, […]

  Main Image/Theme: Europa Riding the Bull Once upon a time, Zeus looked down from the top of Mount Olympus and saw a beautiful young Phoenician woman named Europa and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately for Zeus, he was already married to Hera. (This, it seems, was more problematic for the virile god than the […]

In classical music, a romance is a lyrical song or instrumental piece that is often short, free in form, and tender.     At the counter in the neighborhood cafe, she reached for the thermos of whole milk and touched the cold brushed steel just as the thin man standing next to her wrapped his […]

  One of the main threads in Lenormand’s Grand Jeu is the Trojan War. The Two of Spades (along with the 5 of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, 10 of Clubs, 9 of Spades, 6 of Clubs, 6 of Spades, 8 of Spades, Queen of Diamonds) helps tell the story of the Trojan myth.  Taken together, […]

Anita motioned the bartender over. “My friend wants one of those,” she said, pointing to an enormous jar behind the bar and reaching into her purse. “No really, I don’t.” Elise protested as the bartender dunked his long tongs and started fishing for a pickled egg in the pink, cloudy brine. “Oh shut up. You’ve […]

“The scent of these armpits is aroma finer than prayer…” Years ago I plucked this line out of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. I’m not sure which chapter it’s from, Body Electric maybe. It’s a mantra that brings me strength. I can’t quote any other line of Whitman, just this one, and I usually follow […]

I’m not sure how it is in other families, but in my family there is an obsession with genetics that has nothing to do with health. For instance, my feet are shaped the same way as my father’s feet, but my toes are more like my mother’s. My forehead furrow, as well as my mouth, […]

  When I was in the fifth grade, for our science fair project I partnered with a friend to test the extra-sensory perception of all our classmates. Amber and I made a deck of cards with squares, circles, and triangles and held them up to each individual to find the one classmate who could guess […]

In 1998, when I moved from Garrison Keillor’s Lake Woebegone, to Petey Mesquitey’s Sonoran Desert, I thought I’d moved to Mars. My mother had given me a packet of sunflower seeds to plant in the yard of my new home as a way to remember where I came from. I scratched a line in the […]