napoleon lenormand
“I foresee that in 200 years a woman will write a wacky tale about us….”

The Conjured Woman opens in the year 1808. As Napoleon sets his sights on the Spanish peninsula, England watches and waits. With politics on both sides of the Channel tense and people tightly wound with thoughts of war, Adelaide Lenormand, France’s premier fortune-teller, conjures a golem to offset the balance. However, the golem doesn’t turn out to be exactly what she had in mind. It lands in front of a London pub wearing nothing but tattered shorts, a sports bra, and one pink running shoe.conjuredwoman1

Now, thanks to Adelaide, Elise Dubois, a newly minted 19th Century golem and 21st Century nurse, must drink, fight, and, assuming she’s had enough sleep and hasn’t had too many beers, rise to heroic heights in order to make her way through the Napoleonic wars back to her hometown of Tucson, Arizona. In a story of time travel, magic, and romance, anything can happen.

The Conjured Woman, Book One of the Emerald Scarab Adventures, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or ask for it at your local bookseller!

Booksellers can order through the following distributors: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Midpoint, and Readerlink.

Published by Beaufort Books, May 9, 2016


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